Everything you need to know about Zilch Life




Zilch Life aims at consciously curating a versatile array of objects that appeal to different people for their daily needs. We stand for objects that are handmade, timeless, minimal, and sustainable. Our collection consists of carefully handpicked pieces from around the globe made. We offer everything from a handmade ceramic mug to elevate your mood in the morning to drink an exotic blend of our loose leaf teas to handmade organic skincare products to make you feel pampered before you go to bed. Buying from Zilch’s collection will make you appreciate design, quality, and sustainability.




Peace can only be found within us which can be kindled by our surroundings. One does not need a long-planned getaway to experience it, but things as small as a nice cup of loose leaf tea, beautiful weather, or even descrying a handmade potpourri bowl can help us find those little moments of ease that can get us through our busy day.   

With Zilch Life, take a stroll in downsizing the self- glorification in our ambiance and slip into the ecstasy of simplicity that brings balance to our conscious and triggers the prominence of peace we seek for. We are inspired by the beauty of simplicity and thrilled by the irony of, when thought of, even an unambiguous object can reveal almost everything and educe purest of our feelings.

"Minimal is not banal, it is elegant".




Our fascination with Japanese culture and Zen Buddhist way of life leads us to our logo, an Ensō Circle. It aligns well with our vision of an organic shape for the logo that is minimal and states the free flow of mind and soul. The hand-painted circle incorporates missing pathway which discloses the imperfection that is an unavoidable part of our existence but when looked overall, it is still beautiful. To us, Zen means finding the right balance between the various aspects of one's life, just like a minimal object. The tranquility of being more humble and embracing the less is more concept is the harmony of minimalism. We believe that just like purity, minimalism is also the simplest of its form.




Ensō Circle?

Ensō is a symbol that is inspired by traditional Japanese calligraphy. Traditionally, a brush (sumi) is used to apply black ink to washi, a thin Japanese paper. An ensō is drawn in one continuous brush stroke with only one chance to perform it to completion which means that no one can go back to correct it which resembles a lot of one’s actions and reactions. Although it may seem incredibly easy to create an ensō circle, creating the proper circle takes time and practice to master it. It is well embedded in Zen Buddhism as Zen Buddhism is a type of Buddhism that is mainly fueled by oneself rather than scripture or a set of rules. In both Zen Buddhism and with the creation of an ensō circle, the way one practice is very much freestyle and generally a personal experience despite the guidelines each comes with. For instance, the position you sit in or how you breathe while meditating in Zen Buddhism is customary. In the same way, how slowly or quickly or how big or small you make the ensō circle depends on the state of mind and personal experience, and hence, it is customary too. Both processes demand a high level of concentration.