ZILCH LIFE is not just an array of products but it is a concept: it is, at its core, a body of work that seeks to encourage individual creative expression and mindfulness promoting artistic values. At ZILCH, we challenge the limitations of visual perception of the objects we use and interact within our daily lives. We believe that finding a recreational moment of art and peace in our chaotic lives through these objects can be bliss. These objects are curated from around the world creating a bridge between organic and simplicity. All pieces speak to the brand’s visual personality and minimalist aesthetic.

ZILCH is a project that presents ideal and artistic values through its collection of products to people with a certain mindset.

The founder and curator of ZILCH, is an outspoken female, a traveler, who is inspired by European design aesthetic, the Eastern way of living and anything and everything that feeds her organic and minimal ego and creative fluency.

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We are always happy to hear from you. Let us know if you like what we do or have any questions mail@zilchlife.com